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LumiRed Red Light Therapy Belt

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The LumiRed Belt has all the benefits of Red Light Therapy and is suited to treatment around the torso, lower/mid back and abdomen.

It is particularly suited to lower back pain, joint pain in the knees, shoulders, ankles. It is also suited for assisting with weight loss around the abdomen. 

It can be easily used while sitting on the sofa, or even on the go if used with an external battery pack. It’s compact and light structure make it a great travel companion too!

The LumiRed Belt can also be wrapped around individual joints and limbs, for targeted relief and therapy.


LED Quantity: 105pcs (66x 660nm Red, 39x 850nm NIR)

Irradiance: 66mw/cm2 @ surface

Dimensions: 126cm x 17.5cm

Weight: 0.5kg

5 Intensity Levels

Mains Powered. Can also be connected to a power back for mobile operation.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Seamus Murray
Faulty Connection

I ordered a Red Light Therapy Belt and it arrived the next day. I found the connector port on the belt to be faulty. Sent an email. Rory replied straight away and was very apologetic. I received a Replacement belt the next day. Thanks Rory

Jennifer M
Red Light Therapy Belt

I have been using the lumired red light therapy belt on my abdomen for fertility purposes prior to my IVF cycle. My scans have shown a good increase in the number of eggs produced and research shows that it helps egg quality too. It also really helps with cramps. I am very happy with my purchase.

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