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LumiRed Mini

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The LumiRed Mini is a compact and portable Red Light Therapy Device, ideal for treatment on the go!

Due to its small stature, the LumiRed Mini offers targeted healing, allowing users to apply red light exposure directly to specific muscles, joints, and regions of the body with aches or other issues.

Equipped with 3 wavelengths of red and near-infrared light, the LumiRed Mini can also facilitate lymphatic drainage of both the upper and lower limbs, among its other capabilities.

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How it works:

The LumiRed Mini uses Red Light therapy to produce a biochemical effect in human cells, that strengthens the mitochondria. This in turn helps the cells to function, rejuvenate and repair damage more efficiently. 


Relieves pain: You can live a fulfilling life without the struggles of chronic body aches and pains
Aids in anti-aging: Enjoy skin that is free of wrinkles, sun damage, and radiates from within
Improves wound healing: No more struggling with wounds that take ages to heal.

Say hello to a healthier, happier you—get the LumiRed Mini today!

All LumiRed products are manufactured in our FDA registered facility. Our safe and reliable devices are FDA listed Class II devices.

Tehnicals Details

Our new model comes in a handy zipped case and includes:

LumiRed Mini
2 rechargeable batteries
USB charger
Protective eye glasses
Cleaning cloth
User Manual and our additional treatment tips brochure on achieving best results


Led Chip:3pcs X 3W
Timer: 5 minutes
Size:2.6cm x 20cm
Irradiance: 120mw/cm² @1”


Life Span 50,000+ hours
2 Year Warranty

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Bre O'Connell
LumiRed Mini for wrist pain

After only 2 weeks of use for my wrist, I'm not sure I've noticed any difference in my pain. Pain was intermittent anyway so I may need more time to assess the mini.

Esther O Hanlon
Really happy

Works great.


I got lumired mini. So far I am very satisfied with this little device. I have read in the internet that red light therapy can be effective in treating nail fungus. I’m using lumired for nearly 3 weeks and I already see improvement. After everything failed, otc paints and creams , prescribed tablets , oils etc. I finally see light in the tunnel. I just hope it will only get better.

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