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LumiPro Max 2400

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  • Multi Wavelength Technology

  • High Irradiance

  • Dimming Mode

  • Pulsing Mode

  • Flicker Free

  • No EMF @6”

The LumiPro Max 2400 represents the latest advancement in Red Light Therapy, combining state-of-the-art features and professional-grade technology. This device is equipped with top-tier LED lights, offering modular capabilities for both red and near-infrared light, with the flexibility of dimmable and pulsing functions to suit individual needs.

The LumiPro Max incorporates advanced multi-wavelength technology, covering four specific wavelengths (630nm, 660nm, 830nm, and 850nm). This diverse range ensures a comprehensive therapeutic light spectrum, addressing a variety of health and wellness issues.The LumiPro Max is an ideal choice for those seeking a personalized, effective, and professional-grade wellness tool.

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Flicker-Free Technology

High Irradiance

Recover Faster

Introducing the LumiPro Max 2400, a pinnacle of innovation in Red Light Therapy. This state-of-the-art panel is not just our latest offering; it's a leap forward in therapeutic technology. Equipped with top-tier, professional-grade LED lights, the LumiPro Max 2400 stands out with its unparalleled modular capabilities. Whether you're seeking the benefits of red, near-infrared, or a combination of both, this device adapts to your needs with its dimmable and pulsing functions.


But that's just the beginning. The LumiPro Max 2400 features cutting-edge multi-wavelength technology, encompassing four distinct wavelengths - 630nm, 660nm, 830nm, and 850nm. This range ensures that you receive a full spectrum of therapeutic light, tailored to address various health and wellness concerns.


User experience is at the heart of the LumiPro Max 2400's design. Its bright, intuitive touchscreen display offers unprecedented customization. This means you can effortlessly tailor every session to your unique preferences, ensuring optimal results every time.

The robust, full-body design of the LumiPro Max 2400 isn't just about durability; it's about providing comprehensive coverage. With multiple levels of customization, this device isn't just leading our range; it's redefining what's possible in Red Light Therapy. Choose the LumiPro Max 2400 for a personalized, effective, and professional-grade wellness experience.

Technical Details: There is a 25/25/25/25 ratio of 630nm and 660nm Red and 830nm and 850nm Near-Infrared. Intuitive touchscreen digital display allows for full customisation of the session. Use Red, NIR or both at the same time. Either Red or NIR are dimmable in 20% increments. Pulse function can also be set for either Red or NIR. Modular design-physically connect each panel to other panels and control from one digital display. Allows you to build your array if your needs change.
Specifications: Power:2400W Led Chip:480pcs X 5W Lifespan:100,000hour Size:1210cm x 43cm x 7cm Weight:20KG Irradiance: 150mw/cm² @6” Zero EMF at treatment distances 6″ and above and no flicker
Spectrum: 630nm - 120pcs-Red 660 nm – 120pcs – Red 830nm - 120pcs - Near-Infrared 850 nm – 120pcs – Near-Infrared
Warranty: Life Span 100,000+ hours 5 Year Warranty Includes power cord, eye protectors, wall hanging bracket

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Mickey F
LumiPro Max 2400

I've been using the LumiPro Max 2400 for a while now, and it's amazing. All our family use it. This is a really large red light device covers the whole body, so I get more benefits in one session. For the size of the device it is great value . It's definitely worth it for anyone serious about red light therapy.

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