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Living with a long-term condition is hard. But living with a painful long-term condition is even harder. It stops you from living your life to the fullest.
It doesn’t matter how many different kinds of pain management prescriptions, diets or surgery you choose to entertain,
pain takes over our lives.

Painkillers, anti-inflammatories, and all those aggressive treatments have a highly detrimental impact on the body. Tap into the right alternative!
Red Light Therapy (RLT) is a modern treatment option for those suffering from chronic pain. Delve deeper into a growing therapeutic alternative to make your recovery quicker and more efficient.

Red light therapy device will give you the green light for recovery, beginning from below the cellular level and ending with full body red light therapy at home. We provide you the tools for regeneration so that you will soon tingle differently, move more freely, plan ahead more cheerily.

Our full body red light therapy device will active the repair pathways in your body so you will truly have replaced damaged tissue with healed, robust, new tissue.

Clinically proven to yield results

Numerous trials on patients with an array of problems have linked red light therapy to cell growth and repair. In one study, for example, individuals who had suffered skin injuries saw increased

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Faster recovery

Your natural processes for recovery are quite effective. We simply magnify the efforts of each stage by exposing cells to more sources of energy. This way, the growth and replacement your cells initiate can proceed more quickly.

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Save money

Make a one-time investment in one of our products today and spurn the costly alternatives. Our red light devices are built to last, and they are more cost-effective than prescription medications, periodic injections,or ongoing physical therapy

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Quality Service for Ireland

We have crafted a solution that proudly lives up to the Irish standards for manufacturing. Our experts will stand by, pre- and post-purchase to ensure our product serves you as intended. Whatever questions, assurances,

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What is Red Light Therapy

Your body is capable of many wonders, from healing devastating sports injuries to orchestrating grand recoveries from chronic pain and nerve damage. Drugs that address pain and injury may seem effective at first, and they often do curb the most excruciating sensations that follow injury or development of arthritis. However, the approach of interference with the natural reactions of the body can throw obstacles in the road to permanent recovery.

Red light enhances the healing potential already within you. It has proven to yield results for people seeking all types of regeneration, from athletes in need of a comeback to individuals eager to reclaim motion and fitness while battling arthritis.

RLT taps into your energy reserves at the cellular level, stimulating mitochondria and promoting increased energy production. This in turn alleviates stress on the body and leads to a miraculous, side-effect-free reduction in soreness, tightness, and chronic pain. It has also been shown to combat fatigue, with many clients reporting an uptick in energy levels and a general feeling of wellness.
Whatever your goals for a pain-free, injury-free body are, your search can end here at LumiRed. Release from the grip of pain, wrinkled or scarred skin, torn muscles, or nerve agitation is possible with red light, and it is never too late to start.

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Real Customer Experiences on Trustpilot

V. Murphy
Outstanding customer service. I had several questions regarding types of issues being addressed and each time got a reply with a detailed answer. Excellent product will definitely recommend and be a return customer. Many thanks indeed 👍
Ann Cawley
Delighted with my purchase, fast delivery and I am now enjoying using it daily both for pain relief and anti aging. I have not seen any major benefits as yet in relation to anti aging but I have only been using the lumired for a few weeks.
It helps a little, please let me know if anything new comes in ,something similar in size
Joseph Kelly
Top class a great buy
Michael Allan
Very efficient delivery, product good value for money
I’d been looking into Red Light therapy for a while and came across LumiRed. Rory was fantastic to deal with. He answered all my questions quickly and couldn’t have done more to explain or advise on what would work best for me. Placed my order and have been experiencing great results after only a few days use. I would highly recommend LumiRed to anyone who wants to get started with Red Light therapy at home.
I couldn’t recommend this device highly enough. Rory was able to give me advice on how best to use the machine and it is one of the best investments I have made. It has tremendously helped with my pain levels and also my overall healing. I have completely come off my painkillers for my chronic chest and back pain since I started using the Red Light. It has definitely helped lower the inflammation in my body. I use it every day and this really has been life changing for me in managing symptoms.
O'Brien O'Brien
Product very easy to use. Works well if used regularly. I would prefer a bit more written instructions on how to use properly
marie o'reilly
Life Changing... so delighted to find that Infra Red Light treatment eradicates fungal infections. As a longtime Candida sufferer I had no hesitation in buying the Lumired 500 to use in the comfort of my own home. Well Done to Rory in Ratoath Physio for giving me access to this technology.
Mary O’Donnell
I purchased the LumiPro 1500 as it gives full body treatment. I had been using this product a few times a week in the clinic for hip bursitis and some back pain and found it wonderful. It has also given me an overall feeling of renewed energy and wellbeing. I can now look forward to using it every day from the comfort of my own home. I would definitely recommend this product.
Possibly the single most beneficial, cost effective and easy way to heal your body and enhance your wellbeing.

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Developed by health professionals with an unwavering belief in the benefits of Red Light Therapy

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With our excellent range of products, we cater to every taste and budget—you don’t have to break the bank to achieve whole-body wellness. From targeted to professional devices, you can’t get it better elsewhere.
We’re proudly Irish! We ship premium red and infrared light therapy devices directly from our Irish warehouse. Enjoy top quality products with guarantee and fast delivery.
We deliver excellent customer service to help you harvest the tremendous benefits of red light. Our team of world-class health professionals is at your beck and call to advice on the best treatment and device.
Get Better results in less time. We deliver on power. And we’re true to our promise. What we claim is what you get.

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