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Experience the transformative power of Red Light Therapy

Are you battling persistent pain from arthritis or other chronic conditions? Are your energy levels lower than you would like? If your journey through various remedies and medications has left you searching for a safer, more effective solution, it's time to discover the breakthrough potential of LumiRed Light Therapy. This entirely drug-free, scientifically backed treatment harnesses the power to rejuvenate human cells naturally.

Experience the profound relief LumiRed Light Therapy offers for a spectrum of chronic issues, from fatigue, skin conditions to relentless back pain. Not just relief, this revolutionary therapy significantly accelerates your bodies healing process, paving your way to a life of comfort and vitality. Embrace LumiRed Light Therapy – your safe, transformative solution for lasting wellness.

A non-invasive alternative that might work for you

Red Light Therapy is a completely painless treatment with no side effects and is extremely accessible to many, due to the fact it can be administered at a very low cost. Furthermore, it is a treatment that can be administered safely at home using a Red Light Therapy device.

Athletes and active people in Ireland are also working Red Light Therapy into their routines due to its positive impact on post-exercise recovery.

The science behind red light therapy

Red light produces a biochemical reaction inside the cells of the target area, which strengthens the mitochondria (membrane-bound cell organelles) within the cells themselves. Among other important functions, mitochondria are responsible for energy production. They also contribute towards heat production and the storing of calcium. So essentially, Red Light Therapy prompts a “charging” effect on the cells of the body.

During the treatment, red and near-infrared light (free from UV) penetrates your skin and cells to ultimately boost the production of adenosine triphosphate (ATP) – the product of cellular respiration. ATP helps the body’s cells to repair any damage and promote cell rejuvenation.

  • Where did this treatment come from?

    It is widely understood that moderate exposure to sunlight can have a positive impact on joint and muscle pain. This is due to a boost in Vitamin D levels.

    Red Light Therapy is essentially a more concentrated treatment that can more accurately and effectively target problem areas that are causing pain or discomfort.

    After Red Light Therapy (RLT) was successfully used in the 1990s by scientists to grow plants in space through promoting growth and photosynthesis of plant cells, RTL was studied to see if its effect could aid in pain reduction and cellular growth in people. The results were inspiring and fruitful, and RLT continues to be researched and used today to aid in pain relief, tissue repair, and muscle improvement.

    Chronic pain is an unfortunate staple in the lives of many people. This impediment to daily life comes in many forms such as arthritis, inflammation, or chronic pain, among others. Red Light Therapy has been proven to lessen pain and promote cellular regeneration to improve functionality and lead to a healthier daily life.

  • Red light therapy increases cellular metabolism

    Athletes the world over from players in the NFL, NBA, Olympics, and even MMA fighters and Boxers have taken advantage of the benefits of Red Light Therapy. RLT is quickly becoming a mainstay in professional gyms across the world for those who train. Red Light Therapy isn’t only for athletes; it’s an advantageous process that anyone who experiences chronic pain, exercises regularly, or is in the process of losing weight can utilise. RLT improves blood flow, meaning your muscles receive more blood and they perform better. Increased blood flow will also lead to muscle tissue healing quicker and thus, be able to endure more strain.

    This training accessory can be used solo so that players may elevate their skill level once their back on the court. So when it’s cold, raining, snowing, the courts are packed

Significant help in reducing pain such as

Osteoarthritis. Red Light Therapy reduced pain by more than 50% in studies with people who suffered from Osteoarthritis.

Dental Pain. After experiencing Red Light Therapy, people suffering from Temporomandibular Dysfunction Syndrome (TMD) reported having less pain, tenderness, and clicking.Tendinitis. A small study found that people with Achilles Tendinitis reported that after Red Light Therapy, their inflammation and pain had reduced.

Dementia. People with Dementia who underwent twelve weeks of Red Light Therapy slept better, were less angry, and had better memory retention.

Hair Loss. After twenty-four weeks of at-home RLT, people with androgenetic alopecia grew thicker hair. The study was performed in conjunction with another study that implemented the use of a RLT device, and the results were not the same. RLT assisted in growing thicker hair.

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