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red light therapy for anti aging

Skin Benefits of Red Light Therapy

Do those scars and marks make your skin look dull and carry away your confidence? Are you looking for a safe and reliable therapy for skin rejuvenation? Do you want to reduce the signs of aging? Worry no more! Red Light Therapy is an energy therapeutic intervention that enables you to get flawless and smoothest skin ever. Here, we talk about the benefits of Red-Light Therapy (RLT) for younger-looking and healthier skin. But, let’s first shed some light on what RLT is and how does it work. What is Red Light Therapy and How Does It Work? Red Light Therapy is one of the safest and effective skin therapies that do not produce serious side effects. Red light used in RLT comprises a low-wavelength section of the light spectrum and has profound healing effects for the skin. A board-certified plastic surgeon, Z. Paul Lorenc, M.D., explains that when the red light is shone on the body, it creates a specific biochemical effect that boosts the cells’ energy. Thus, RLT allows skin cells to function efficiently and powerfully carry out their metabolic reactions. This shows that RLT exclusively promotes cellular turnover, which leads to improved skin health. RLT also improves blood circulation between the tissue cells of the skin. This allows more nutrients and oxygen to reach the skin and provides sufficient nourishment for the skin’s elasticity and rejuvenation. Benefits of Red-Light Therapy for the skin 1. Produces anti-inflammatory effect Red light therapy improves blood circulation, thereby reducing inflammation from your skin. This aids in better healing of the damaged skin tissue, allowing its nurse back to health quickly. 2. Elevates synthesis of Collagen The primary component of skin repair is collagen turnover. Red light therapy has now allowed natural collagen synthesis by enhancing cell activity. Research has shown that red light enhances the ‘intradermal collagen density,’ thereby helping your skin repair itself from the inner cellular level. 3. Helps reduce wrinkles and fine lines RLT is a treatment of choice for anti-aging. It reduces wrinkles and restores the freshness of the skin, making you look youthful and refreshed. 4. Enhances skin rejuvenation By preventing damage to skin cells, reducing oxidative stress, and enhancing healing, RLT brings you rejuvenated and revitalized skin. 5. Improves skin feeling and complexion While improving your complexion, RLT has also been found to give you a soft, smooth, and supple skin texture, allowing you to enjoy a skin feeling better than ever before. Bottom Line Red Light Therapy is one of the modalities meant for full-body treatment for skin rejuvenation. The use of RLT provides an effective, harmless, and atraumatic modulation of red light, which is a non-thermal treatment. This therapy is one that has got a high patient satisfaction rate. RLT, being one of the few effective treatments, delays the process of aging while also keeping it natural and safe. If you are looking for a treatment that is cost-effective, offer minimum adverse effects, Red Light Anti-Aging Therapy is your best bet! Reference 1. Wunsch, A., & Matuschka, K. (2014). A controlled trial to determine the efficacy of red and near-infrared light treatment in patient satisfaction, reduction of fine lines, wrinkles, skin roughness, and intradermal collagen density increase. Photomedicine and laser surgery, 32(2), 93–100. (2020). Ease Arthritis Pain and Inflammation with Red Light Therapy. Retrieved from: 2. Zoldan, RJ. (August, 2018). Here’s How Red Light Therapy Works—Plus Why You Should Try It. Retrieved from: 3. Nelson, S. Improve the Health of Your Skin with Red and Near Infrared Light Therapy. Retrieved from:

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