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Infrared Light Therapy for Pain Relief

One Change that Could Lessen Your Pain and Inflammation

Pain and inflammation are two concepts that are difficult to sift through and advise people about. Although determining the cause of both can be complicated, there are many actions you can take to help alleviate your pain. It’s all about relieving pressure, reducing strain, protecting your spine, and strengthening your muscles. And all these can be helped with ‘Light Therapy’.

What Are Pain and Inflammation?

Although separate ailments, pain and inflammation are closely related to each other. According to the International Association for the Study of Pain (IASP), pain is ‘an unpleasant sensory and emotional experience associated with actual or potential tissue damage’. On the other hand, the tissue’s immunologic response to injury is called inflammation. There are two types of pain: chronic and acute. Acute pain frequently results from disease, inflammation, or injury to tissues. This type of pain always has the time it appears. It is self-limiting and can become chronic. But this rarely happens. Chronic pain represents a disease itself. Inflammation is similar to pain in that it can be both acute and chronic The pain of any type is the most frequent reason for people seeking different solutions. Despite the occurrence of these conditions, the primary option available for their treatment has always been medicinal and herbal. Interestingly, the rise of technology in this modern era has ensured that conditions such as these can be managed at home. Even the medical field today has adopted this treatment.

How Can Technology Help to Reduce It?

The introduction of technology has led to so many sectors of the economy being improved. When it concerns pain and inflammation, light therapy is how technology has helped to manage pain. Once your cells are hit with the red-light wavelengths, a multitude of regenerative effects occur. Red Light Therapy is known for its anti-inflammatory properties. Red light is effective at reducing joint pain in almost all areas of the body. Once the cells mitochondria are stimulated, inflammation begins to reduce, and there is an increase in blood flow. Red Light Therapy helps treat chronic inflammation. It represses the body’s production of inflammatory cells and reduces inflammation all over the body drastically.

What Kind of Pain and Inflammation does Red Light Therapy Manage?

Red Light Therapy helps in relieving different types of pain. It could be pain sustained from injury or even athletics. However, we shall be focusing on three main aspects; wound healing, muscle repair, and recovery, and pain relief.

Wound Healing

A recent study found red light therapy promoted increased tissue repair and healing. It also has beneficial effects on wrinkles, acne scars, hypertrophic scars, and cure of burns.

Muscle Repair and Recovery

Evidence suggests RLT is beneficial when used both before and after a workout. This therapeutic technique led to reduced muscle strength loss, less muscle soreness, and range-of-motion impairments for up to four days after exercise. RLT reduces knee muscle fatigue both before and after exercise.

Pain Relief

One potential benefit of light therapy is to reduce inflammation and pain. Researchers have observed that Red Light exposure can help reduce pain for osteoarthritis knee pain, meniscus tears, general knee pain, rheumatoid arthritis, and back pain. LumiRed Therapy lamps provide a clinical recommended irradiance that is helpful in reducing pain and inflammation throughout the body. Lumi Products like LumiRed 300, LumiRed 500, and LumiRed 1000 are accessible anywhere and best used for reducing pain and inflammation.
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