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LumiRed vs LumiPro: What are the differences?

One of the most commonly asked questions we get from new customers is what the differences are between our LumiRed and LumiPro range. Here we will outline the differences between them to allow you to make the best choice for your individual needs. Controls: Our LumiPro range comes with a digital control panel. You can set your treatment time along with individual controls for Red and NIR. You start your treatment with the touch of a button and your panel will automatically turn off at the end of the set time. Our LumiRed range comes with manual switches, one for Red and one for NIR. Turning on both switches starts the panel and you can easily time your session on your watch or phone. You then turn off the switches manually when finished. Design: The LumiPro range features a more sturdy robust design with the aluminium shell extending over the front of the panel around each individual LED. This protects the panel more but also makes it a little heavier. Modular Capability: The LumiPro range is modular which means other LumiPro panels can be connected together with a provided link cable. All connected panels are then controlled with one digital display. LED Lifespan: The LumiRed LED’s have a lifespan of 50,000 hours while the LumiPro range is 100,000 hours. The LumiPro range is better suited to more intensive use or use within a commercial setting such as a clinic or spa.

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