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Ease Psoriasis with Red Light Therapy

Ease Psoriasis with Red Light Therapy

Red Light Therapy for Psoriasis It is defined as a chronic skin condition that leads to rapid turnover of the skin cells. Normally, people with psoriasis have silvery scales called plaques, which can cause painful irritation, and are located on various parts of their bodies. There are a ton of treatments available, many involving steroid creams and medication. However, Red Light Therapy is emerging as a simple yet highly effective one. The beauty of this form of treatment is it does not just reduce symptoms, it helps you become blemish free naturally. The proven efficacy of Red Light Therapy Red Light Therapy penetrates deep into the skin and cells, which then aids in the production of Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP), boosting cellular energy. ATP is pertinent in repairing the body from any forms of damage and promotes rejuvenation. With regards to the effectiveness of Red Light Therapy, many studies prove its efficacy. In 2010, a study showcased that if red light therapy were used consistently for a few weeks, it would reduce the brevity of Psoriasis; this is precisely what occurred within a month of its implementation on a few patients. Additionally, in 2011, a study was conducted to see whether this therapy is efficacious in aiding those with Psoriasis. There were 10 participants included in this study, and each of them was given exposure to the Red Light three times a week to exhibit results. In the end, the red light did prove to help treat scaling and itchiness. The benefits Red Light Therapy has to offer for Psoriasis sufferers Red Light Therapy promotes skin health in various ways:

  • Promoting healing and tissue repair
  • Stimulates the lymphatic system, assisting in the removal of toxins which leads to clearer healthier skin
  • Reducing Psoriasis lesions
  • Increases collagen production
  • Stimulates ATP production leading to reduced inflammation throughout the body
  • As global inflammation reduces, you will experience less stress in your body which in turn will lead to less flare up’s
What are the most effective Red light products to combat Psoriasis? There is a variety for you to choose from. We at LumRed specialise in Red Light Therapy products that are suitable for many different applications. If your symptoms are widespread and you need the maximum coverage in the shortest timeframe, our full body panels, the LumiPro 1500 or LumiRed 1000 will be best suited to your needs. They provide excellent coverage for your entire body and are known for their impeccable results! Additionally, you can achieve similar results with half-body panels, by treating different areas, one at a time. While more time consuming, the same results can be achieved and for some people, the portability of these smaller panels can be beneficial, while also being a more budget friendly option. However, the beauty of Red Light Therapy is its benefits across many different conditions. So while also addressing psoriasis, you can also treat your sore back, boost your energy, improve your sleep and all the family can benefit too! Want to learn more about our Red Light Products? Start browsing our website today!
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