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red light therapy

Bone Healing with Red Light Therapy

There are various different types of bone trauma that can occur. Traumatic fractures that require surgical fixation, simple fractures, stress fractures and bone contusions. Studies involving red light therapy on humans and animals show that red and near infrared light therapy greatly aids in healing this fractures and bone defects. .Red and near infrared light wavelengths are able to penetrate deep into tissue and bone for all kinds of healing effects and regeneration. How does this occur? Red and near infrared light has been shown to: -Stimulate energy in the bone cells -Increase bone growth factors -Enhance blood vessel formation in the affected area -Modulate inflammation -Enhance the production of collagen and growth of bone cells The combination of all these factors helps accelerate the bone repair process. Stress fractures can be a frustrating injury, typically requiring rest until the pain subsides. Red light therapy can accelerate this process and return you to a painfree and functional state in a shorter timeframe. Athletes can return to their sport quicker. Red light therapy device provide the optimal wavelengths to facilitate bone healing and recovery.

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