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Beat Chronic Fatigue with Light Therapy

Beat Chronic Fatigue with Light Therapy

End Chronic Fatigue with Red Light Therapy Everyone undergoes moments of tiredness; however, the beauty of Red Light Therapy is that it tackles the symptoms of chronic fatigue from the source.Since 1992, WHO itself has classified fatigue as a neurological illness, which therefore requires treatment. The harms attached to Chronic Fatigue: Chronic Fatigue doesn't end up developing overnight. It is a slow and gradual process and is usually linked to multiple factors and stressors. Classic signs of Chronic Fatigue include:

  • Persistent tiredness that lasts for around six months
  • Increasing tiredness
  • No improvement in your health, even after minimal physical effort
  • Some associated psychological problems akin to sore throats and headaches
  • No real cause of identification
  • Difficult to diagnose via headaches

Medical management of Chronic Fatigue can be somewhat limited as most investigations can often be normal. As it’s cause is usually multifactorial, and collectively these factors deplete the bodies energy resources, Red Light Therapy can often be the most efficacious form of treatment due to its main mechanism of action of improving cellular energy throughout the body. How does Red Light Therapy tackle Chronic Fatigue? Red Light Therapy works if you give it a chance! If you have any illness such as chronic fatigue, your energy reserves will get depleted. It is hard for these cells to recover, but Red Light aids in the stimulation of energy production. All cells in our body contain mitochondria. Mitochondria are often referred to as the powerhouse of the cell. Red and Near-Infrared light boosts the production of ATP within the mitochondria, thereby increasing the energy within the cell, leading to improved function of that cell. The results will then be more optimal functioning of your body, because Red Light Therapy will be addressing your issue of Chronic Fatigue from its root, at a cellular level. In essence it restores your cells and collectively your body to it’s optimal function prior to the onset of your condition. Where can you purchase your Red Light Products from? Treatment of chronic fatigue can be difficult. It is hard to get answers and very commonly you feel like you get none and you are told this is something you have to live with. This is usually down to the fact that you and your body is not being looked at holistically. Our products help to address your issues from the source. When you have less fatigue and more energy it acts as a catalyst. You can exercise more, your mood improves, you can return to activities you enjoy, you make better food choices, you sleep better, you feel happier. Collectively this all serves to help you recover. For addressing the whole body quickly and effectively our full body panels achieves this is the easiest and shortest time frames. 15-20 minutes a day will be adequate to treat you full body. Our full body panels are the LumiPro 1500 and the LumiRed 1000. If you have budget constraints or prefer a more portable device, similar results can be achieved with our half body panels. You will just need to spend more time by treating multiple areas. It comes down to personal preference. 

Your choice of device is important. If you are unsure of which to choose to best suit your needs and budget or you wish further information on how our products can help you, please reach out for a complimentary consult here

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