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Anti-Aging Red Light Therapy

The Truth About Red Light Therapy and Anti-Aging.

Every day, people are looking for ways to protect their skin from this factor called aging. These variant methods may be medical, technological, and even herbal. Because having youthful skin has become a daily trend globally, red therapy is now one of the sorts of means for anti-aging.

Concept of Anti-Aging

The first known use of the word anti-aging can be traced back to 1943. It can be said to mean the act of delaying the biological process of becoming older. A frequent question asked is how simple few minutes of treatment, a few times per week if not daily, help to age. It sounds impossible, that is why you can’t blame a lot of people for being cynical on this matter.

Why Anti-Aging?

I guess it is evident to everyone that the answer is to look youthful and beautiful. But have you ever asked yourself if this is the only reason? In recent times, I have come to understand that apart from people wanting to look beautiful and younger, abjuration plays a significant part. Imagine you looking at yourself in the mirror only to see the older version of you. Some people might be happy with it, but others will be in a state of denial.

Does Red Light Therapy Work?

The answer to this question is yes. Nutrients and oxygen are delivered to the skin, thereby stimulating blood circulation and developing new capillaries. This is one of the astonishing effects of red-light therapy. It gives you that instant glow that people associate with healthy and young skin. Another distinct feature of this treatment is that it increases lymphatic system activity, which further reduces puffiness and swelling. This Lymphatic system removes extensively excess fluids and waste from the skin tissues. This Anti-Aging Light Therapy Treatment further boosts the production of collagen and fibroblasts that make you achieve a youthful appearance over time Increased collagen and fibroblasts in the skin help reduce pore size and wrinkles and help smooth out the skin’s texture.

How exactly does this work?

To achieve this youthful fit, some steps must be followed. To start, wash your face to remove any product, dirt, and oil from your face. Failure to do this might lead to the light not touching certain areas of the skin. Make sure to follow the time allocated for the product. Generally we use the light on the red light setting only from a further distance for skin health and anti aging. You can apply your moisturizers immediately the treatment is complete. You can also apply make-up after each use. This treatment is painless and does not cause any discomfort.

What to expect.

It smooths overall skin tone, reduces wrinkles, repairs sun-damaged skin, lightens stretch marks and scars, speeds the skin’s capacity to heal blemishes, and lessens broken capillaries. The results you will get will be gradual as the process is slow. There is no overnight result you will get with red light therapy. It may not be instant, but there will be a noticeable difference in your skin after each day. In clinical studies, it takes about eight weeks to see visible results. So, my advice, be patient.

What product is advisable for this therapy?

LumiRed 300 is very affordable and adequate for treatment of the face and for anti-aging and skin health. It can be set to deliver Red Light only which is best suited for this purpose. It can also be combined with the Infrared setting and be used in reducing pain throughout the body, speeding muscle recovery and improving lymphatic flow. It also helps alleviate fatigue. Larger panels such as LumiRed 500 and LumiRed 1000 are best used for full body treatm
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