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Anti-Aging Red Light Therapy

Red Light Therapy Can Improve Skin conditions

Not everyone knows the secret of looking good, but we all want it. If you care about your skin, then you should know about Red Light Therapy (RLT). This is a treatment that uses LED lights that produces specific wavelengths of light in these healing spectrums to improve skin conditions. It is easier to use red therapy at home with portable devices like the LumiRed therapy lamp. Red Light Therapy is one of the most effective natural skin treatments available, and it is used by some skincare professionals for wrinkles, rejuvenation, acne, and healing injuries and scars.

How Red-light Therapy Improve Skin Conditions

Although Red Light delivers safe, concentrated wavelengths of natural light to your skin and cells, with no chemicals, UV rays, or excess heat, it creates friction below the skin’s surface. This activates the mitochondria in your cells similar to natural sunlight, and stimulate cells to increase their activity and reproduce faster. This makes more energy and spreads throughout your body’s cells, improving physical function, and speeding the healing process. In addition to this, red light therapy also boosts your collagen production for healthier, younger-looking skin. Every time a skin cell breaks, it creates two new cells leaving you with a much healthier cell. RLT also improves blood circulation, which also contributes to skin regeneration. It is a natural anti-inflammatory treatment for the skin. Comparable to most beauty products, the effect of red-light therapy is gradual. Consistency is the key to realizing results. Results might be evident, but the full effects will show within three to six months. After that, it is advisable to use the device periodically for maintenance.

How to use Red Light Therapy

The procedure for using this therapy is not complicated. If followed appropriately, you will be surprised to see the magical effects of red-light treatment. For treatment of superficial tissues such as the skin, we utilise the Red Light Setting on the lamp and treat with further distance from the lamp. Effective treatment can be achived in as little as 5 minutes.

What Red Light Therapy Devices are Available for Skin Conditions?

This technology, Red light Therapy, had come a long way from when it was first used by NASA aboard their spacecraft. Now, it is available to you in the comfort of your home. LumiRed devices range from LumiRed 300, which delivers targeted treatment from 60 5W LED’s, LumiRed 500 delivers treatment from 100 5W LED and LumiRed 1000 providing effective full body treatment through 200 high power 5W LED. The variety of these devices makes it easier to achieve results on an affordable budget than waiting for expensive appointments at a spa. Explore all LumiRed Therapy lamps for skincare products here.
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