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Red Light Therapy for COVID Relief

Benefits of RLT for recovery from Long Covid

Red Light Therapy is highly effective in helping your body recover from viruses such as Covid 19. Viruses attack the body and the body fights them. This comes at a cost though and frequently the efforts of the bodies cells in repelling the virus results in long standing effects such as fatigue, generalized aches and pains, poor exercise tolerance, poor quality sleep and in the case of Covid 19, shortness of breath and chest pain. Out of the millions of people who have contracted Covid 19 and recovered, there are thousands that continue to suffer symptoms for months after and find that recovery can be surprisingly difficult. This myriad of ongoing health problems has been termed Long Covid. Symptoms include: extreme tiredness, chest pain/tightness, shortness of breath, brain fog, heart palpitations, insomnia, dizziness, joint pain, general muscle ache, rashes, loss of appetite, depression, anxiety and changes to smell and taste. Medical management is limited and rest, diet and exercise is generally advocated. Supplementation with vitamins and minerals is also beneficial. Fortunately, Red Light Therapy shows great promise for Long Covid treatment.

Infrared Light Therapy Benefits for Long COVID

Red and Infrared Light Therapy for Long Covid treatment is highly beneficial as it boosts the cellular energy throughout the bodies cell’s that have been attacked by the virus. Restoring normal cellular energy and boosting repair in the cells helps to reduce the widespread inflammation and bring relief from the symptoms of Long Covid. Infrared light penetrates deep into the tissues boosting ATP production in the cells providing natural healing in the tissues. Reduction of the widespread inflammation caused by the virus is how infrared light benefits the recovery from Long Covid and helps give relief from the many symptoms listed above. Treatment is simple, comforting and easy to do in your own home with one of our LumiRed panels. There are no side effects and benefits are often seen within a few days of use. If you are tired of waiting for your symptoms to subside why not accelerate the process and see how treatment with Red and Infrared Light Therapy can give you relief from the debilitating symptoms of Long Covid.
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