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Infrared PEMF Mat Max

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The Lumired Infrared PEMF mat combines the grounding benefits of the Earths magnetic field with the healing benefits of infrared heat. This penetrate deep into the tissues to trigger your bodies natural healing process. Heal chronic pain, boost post-workout recovery, enhance your sleep and deepen your relaxation, PEMF helps them all. 4 preset frequencies from 3-23Hz mimic the frequencies found in nature. Layers of amethyst and tourmaline crystal along the length of the mat generate negative ions which fight free radicals.

The PEMF Max mat is ideal to lying out on to treat the whole body. It can be incorporated into meditation and breathing practices. A simple handheld controller allows you to select your PEMF frequency along with your desired infrared temperature. 

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Product Details

Potential Benefits:
Reduce Stress
Relieve Chronic Pain
Enhance Sleep
Enhance Recovery
Calm the Nervous System

Size: 190x80cm
Weight: 14kg
Crystals: 8kg
PEMF: 4 pieces PEMF core. 4 Levels of
frequency, 3-23HZ
Heaters: 30-80°F
Warranty: 2 years


Delta is for deep relaxation and can help with falling asleep and staying asleep. When we are in deep sleep our brains are typically in Delta. This occurs mostly in the first hour after falling asleep. This is the phase of sleep that slows our brain down the most facilitating healing and regeneration of tissues. This level can be used before bedtime to help you drift off and keep you in your body-brain nurturing state. It can also be used if you are feeling anxious and want a boost back to equilibrium.

The Earths natural frequency, also known as the Schumann Resonance is 7.8HZ. When you’re feeling disconnected or overstimulated from screens and cant get outside use Theta to recharge and reconnect. 7.8HZ is the Theta brain wave which can also be accessed during sleep. This portion of our night is known as dream sleep which only accounts for one third of our sleep time. When our brains are in Theta, we can experience deep creative thoughts, enhanced learning and memory, and improved stress tolerance.

Alpha falls in the middle of the brain wave spectrum and is predominately known for being present during meditation and wakeful relaxation. Using Alpha can promote mindfulness and open-mindedness as well as reduce physical stress and increase tissue regeneration.

Beta brain wave is present during our waking hours when we are most alert and focused. It assists with decision making. Using Beta can improve mental function, increase concentration and improve memory. This is helpful if you find yourself hitting a mid-day slump or just feel sluggish. Hit the PEMF mat for an instant recharge

Product Details


Infrared PEMF MAT Max


Infrared PEMF MAT Max

Lie out, relax, recharge. Combine your session with meditation, breathing practice or just rest.




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