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What RLT device should I choose?

When making the decision on what device to choose from our range there are a few important questions you need to ask yourself

  1. What are my goals
  2. What is my budget
  3. Treatment Flexibility
Let me expand on each of these and hopefully this will make your decision easier! What are my goals? This is one of the most important factors in deciding on your device. If you have a local area that you want to focus on such as an arthritic joint or painful shoulder, our targeted devices such as the LumiRed Mini or LumiRed 300 panel will be effective and you can treat these areas easily along with some lymphatic points for maximum effectiveness. If however, you are suffering from more widespread issues in your body and need to maximum benefit of Red Light Therapy throughout your body you will require a larger device. A full body panel will allow you to address your whole body in the shortest time frame. A half body panel will also allow you to treat your whole body, you will just need to double up your treatment time. If time is no issue, this poses you no problem. If however you want the maximum benefit in the shortest time frame, a full body panel will work best. What is my budget? The bigger the panel the more light energy you are able to deliver to your body in a given time frame. As we have mentioned above, you can get the same energy with smaller panels by increasing the time. We then have an option between the LumiRed and the LumiPro range. So what are the key differences between the 2? The LumiPro range offers the following over the LumiRed range:
  • Digital controls and timer-Set your time on the digital timer, press ok and your panel starts and stops automatically. On the LumiRed range you manually switch on and off the panel and will need to time your session yourself on your phone or watch
  • More robust design- The LumiPro’s aluminium shell extends over the front of the panel and will be more resilient to knocks and bangs
  • Modular design-If you decide you want to expand your panels in the future or want to build a bigger array now, the LumiPro panels connect together with a link cable so all connected panels can be controlled together with just one digital display
  • Longer lasting LED’s- The LumiPro LED’s have a lifespan of 100,000 hours compared to the LumiRed’s lifespan of 50,000. This makes the LumiPro range better suited to more intense use and for commercial settings.
Treatment Flexibility This can be a personal choice. By flexibility we mean, where do you want to deliver your treatment. All our panels stand independently on their bottom or their side so depending on your preference you can stand it on the floor or on a table and stand in front of it. You can place it lying on its side and lie in front of it on the floor or your bed (you may need to prop it a little here). You can also hang the panels on a door. There is plenty of flexibility. Some people will have a set area where they will leave their panel and use this area for their treatment. Others may like some flexibility with moving it to different areas. You may like to administer your treatment on the sofa watching TV and also in your bedroom. Large full body panels make this more difficult. When making your choice, take these points into consideration. Consistency with your treatment is key so choose a device that gives you the best possible chance to be consistent with your treatment and reap the maximum benefits.
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