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Red Light Therapy

New product: Aduro Mask

When trying out new forms of non-invasive treatments such as light therapy, it’s extremely important that you find something that satisfies your own needs. Finding a product that suits you isn’t always as easy, which is why many of us conduct our own due diligence before trying something new.

Light therapy has been around for decades, but is making a serious comeback as its effectiveness and results become more widely known. The best part is it’s not only beneficial for gaining a youthful glow, but overall health as well. So if you’re interested in incorporating a mask into your practice, it’s time you checked out the Aduro Mask.

Our LED face mask is a light therapy device that uses different wavelengths to create 11 different treatments for many types of skin problems. It took inspiration from NASAs light therapy devices. It has 7 different LED light options, and when the selected light color penetrates the skin, photon energy is transferred to the cells. This is the basic principle of all light therapy devices.

When the light penetrates the skin, cells convert this energy into ATP (our energy source) – stimulating cellular activity and reproduction. The boosted cells improve their rate and stimulate the body’s natural rejuvenation. This leads to an increase in collagen production and the body’s natural rejuvenation processes – resulting in youthful skin and an overall improvement in your skin’s complexion. The Aduro LED light therapy is mainly for skin rejuvenation and improving skin conditions, depending on the type of light used during treatment.

For example, to treat the epidermis—the outer layer of the skin—red or infrared light is used. When applied to the epidermis, it absorbs light and stimulates collagen production. The skin, therefore, has more collagen, appears smoother and fuller, which can reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Whereas blue LED light therapy focuses on the sebaceous glands. These are necessary to lubricate the skin and hair, but they can also become hyperactive and lead to oily skin and acne.

The blue light under the skin also destroys the bacteria that cause acne, which can help in the treatment of severe acne, including cysts and sebaceous nodules. Blue light is often used in combination with red LED light to heal acne, reduce scars and increase anti-inflammatory effects.

And this is just an example of the power of light therapy. The Aduro facial masks offer seven different forms of light that all have their own unique healing components.

The treatments available with our LED face mask range from anti-aging to pain blockers. The mask can:

Increases hydration from the inside out
Help to even out skin pigmentation and redness
Even skin tone and clear complexion
Reduce acne
Revitalize and brighten the skin
Reduce eczema and rosacea for sensitive skin

The treatments are calming and purifying for all skin types. With our face mask, there are also options of treatments for skin above the age of 40 and a specific treatment for cell rejuvenation. Depending on your needs, you get to customize the light you want to include in your therapy treatment.

The device is so simple to use. Simply wear it for 20 minutes every evening while watching your favourite TV programme, reading a book or close your eyes and wind down from your day. Unlike other masks which are rigid plastic and uncomfortable, the Aduro is made of flexible silicone so it adapts perfectly to every face shape and feels soothing against the skin.

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