red light therapy for weight loss

Weight Loss

Red Light Therapy opens, liquifies, and shrinks existing fat cells

We all know there are no magic pills when it comes to weight loss. Diet, exercise and lower stress are all very important factors. Red light therapy can however be a simple and effect adjunct to these. So how does this occur?

Increased Cellular Metabolism

The main effect of Red Light is that it stimulates cellular energy. The more energy our cells produce, the more efficiently they function. The more efficiently they function, the more efficiently you function as a human. Increased metabolism, improved ability to exercise and function daily and improved function of your organs all serve to stimulate excess fat loss.

Fat Cell Reduction

Red Light has been shown to create tiny holes or pores in the fat cells in your body which allows fatty acids or lipids to be released. Even a few minutes exposure causes significant amounts of lipids to be released.

Enhanced Muscle Mass

We all know that weight training and increased muscle mass results in significant weight loss. Red Light has been shown in numerous research studies to increase muscle mass which leads to increased calorie turnover and improved body composition.

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