Clinically proven to yield results

Numerous trials on patients with an array of problems have linked red light therapy to cell growth and repair. In one study, for example, individuals who had suffered skin injuries saw increased collagen levels in their lower skin layers, when compared to a control group. Many of these patients achieved lasting recovery. While being effective in treating injuries and pain, it has also maintained a positive record for safety. Red light therapy has so far failed to show evidence of adverse side effects that accompany traditional solutions like prescription drugs. There has been no relationship established between red light therapy and certain setbacks that sometimes occur during recovery, such as inflammation and altered pain perception.

View the thousands of research papers on Red Light Therapy here

Faster recovery

Your natural processes for recovery are quite effective. We simply magnify the efforts of each stage by exposing cells to more sources of energy. This way, the growth and replacement your cells initiate can proceed more quickly. Other options for recovery like medications are more invasive. The negative side effects that sometimes accompany them may leave you feeling cheated of a true recovery. Red light refrains from inhibiting cell signaling or instigating artificial pathways for repairing damaged tissue, merely aiding the natural growth your body already knows how to realize. We offer you a solution that will help you down a one-direction road to recovery.

Save money

Make a one-time investment in one of our products today and spurn the costly alternatives. Our red light devices are built to last, and they are more cost-effective than prescription medications, periodic injections, or ongoing physical therapy. We enable you to set up your own treatment regimen, for as long as you need, free of exhausting trips to clinics and pharmacies that limit you to the schedule of others. Simple, stress free and effective in the comfort of your own home.

Quality Service for Ireland

We have crafted a solution that proudly lives up to the Irish standards for manufacturing. Our experts will stand by, pre- and post-purchase to ensure our product serves you as intended. Whatever questions, assurances, or instructions you solicit, we will make time for you. As health professionals we understand the body and can advise you on the best solution for your individual needs.


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