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Aduro 7+1 LED Face Mask

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The Aduro 7+1 LED Face Mask is a state of the art home-use Light Therapy Mask, equipped with 11 different treatments for different skin problems, including Cell Rejuvenation and Skin Soothing.

Light Therapy is a clinically proven treatment of skin conditions, including acne, and also prevents fine lines, wrinkles and redness.

This product is the most advanced home-use Light Therapy Mask available on the market today, ensuring only the best results for your skin!

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How it works:

The Aduro 7+1 LED Face Mask uses Light therapy to produce a biochemical effect in human cells, that strengthens the mitochondria. This in turn helps the cells to function, rejuvenate and repair damage more efficiently. 


Repeated use of the Aduro LED Face Mask will increase the desired effect, with an increase in collagen production and the body’s natural rejuvenation processes – resulting in youthful skin and overall improvement in skin complexion.

7 LED colors
Infra-Red Skin Boosting
20 minutes
Non invasive
Slows down the aging process
Prevents wrinkles
Soothes redness of the skin
Clears up skin imperfections
Stimulates cell rejuvenation
Improves skin tone
Clinically proven

All LumiRed products are manufactured in our FDA registered facility. Our safe and reliable devices are FDA listed Class II devices.

Tehnicals Details

Blue light: Wavelength: 465nm for anti-acne, anti-bacterial

Red light: Wavelength: 620nm for Anti-Aging, wrinkle reducer

Infrared light: Wavelength: 850nm for Skin Booster

Green light: Wavelength: 525nm for Even Skin Tone, reduces the appearance of age spots & brown patches

Orange light: Wavelength: 590nm for Radiant Skin, revitalizes and treats uneven skin tone

Yellow light: Wavelength: 590nm for reducing redness, treats rosacea, eczema & psoriasis

Purple light: Wavelength: 600nm for Cell Rejuvenating, promotes healthy skin cells

Cyan light: Wavelength: 470nm for Calming & Soothing, for swollen capillaries and broken blood vessels


Differs for each Light colour.


Ranges from 465nm to 850nm depending on the light.


Please note: The Aduro Mask is excluded from our 30 day money back guarantee

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Great, it works but...

The mask definitely delivers what it promises but after 2 years it slowly starts glitching so keep that in mind, it won't work forever. If you have brown skin be careful with the blue light, it will make pigmentation worse or create new ones. For the same reason use the green light after the red ones.

Nadia M
Game changer

I have uneven skin tone and after just one week of the green light, I can see improvement in my cheeks and dark under eye. Cannot be without this now. I use the mask after applying retinal and apply thick moisturizer after the mask.

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