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Fitness And Recovery

Red Light Therapy increases recovery time in muscles and allows you to improve workouts

Red light therapy, particular in the infrared spectrum uses your natural biology to help you recover. It does this through collagen stimulation, increased blood flow and an increase in cellular energy. Red light therapy stimulates an increase in ATP production in your cells, helping your body perform and recover at an enhanced level. Light therapy also boosts muscle growth, reduces DOMS, improves sleep allowing you to perform at your best.

Exposure of the body to red light increases cellular metabolism. Activating the cells into producing more ATP/energy means the body has more access to clean efficient energy resulting in better performance and function. Because thousands of studies show effectiveness of red light therapy as a performance and recovery tool, Olympians, NFL, all pros, NBA teams, boxers, MMA and professional gyms have adopted it.

Red light therapy before strength training sessions leads to enhanced strength and post training leads to enhanced recovery. Red and near-infrared light promotes cellular growth of healthy muscle tissue and muscle hypertrophy.

In endurance based sports, a 2018 trial concluded that ‘engaging in red light therapy before exercise increases oxygen uptake, increases how long volunteers could exercise before hitting the point of exhaustion and significantly improves fat loss.”

 Due to its anti-oxidation effect on cells, muscle fatigue reduces and heat hormones increase, safeguarding cells against chronic oxidation, mutations, decay and eventual cell death. Light therapy also leads to improved blood flow. When your muscles receive more blood they perform better, endure more and heal/repair faster.

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