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Acute pain relief

I find the red light belt great in relieving pain and restoring health for my sacro-iliac joint problem. And the service with Lumi Red is prompt with delivery remarkably fast which is what you need when you're in pain.

LumiRed Mini
Angela Clarke

I bought to see if it would help with pains in hands. Happy with the results. I plan on purchasing a full body panel.

LumiRed Mini
Martin L
Helping Nails.

I've had a troublesome nail infection for the last number of months and my LimRed Mini seems to be helping it improve in the time that I have had it. Looking forward to continuing to see results.


The best thing about the LUMIPRO MAX 1500 is the size as it can cover a large area of your body.

The hanging system makes it easy to hang and lower or higher it. This is especially handy if multiple people are using it for different parts of their body.
The LUMIPRO MAX 1500 is very easy to program for your own needs and the display is easy to use and read.
I like to use it first thing in the morning. It is a nice way to wake up and energise myself for the day to come.

Faulty Connection

I ordered a Red Light Therapy Belt and it arrived the next day. I found the connector port on the belt to be faulty. Sent an email. Rory replied straight away and was very apologetic. I received a Replacement belt the next day. Thanks Rory

Red Light Therapy Belt

I have been using the lumired red light therapy belt on my abdomen for fertility purposes prior to my IVF cycle. My scans have shown a good increase in the number of eggs produced and research shows that it helps egg quality too. It also really helps with cramps. I am very happy with my purchase.

Big and feature rich panel

I got the LumiPro Max 1500 a few days ago and I am very happy with my decision.

Device is really big and well built and control on the side is also very user friendly.
I really enjoy the sessions with it and generally fell very well the last few days. For more long-term benefits it is too early but I am looking forward to it.

Maybe the device is a bit heavier than expected - so there is a good reason those stands are offered and I will get one ^^

What I would like to highlight is the very fast and friendly support from Rory. Thanks!

Great, it works but...

The mask definitely delivers what it promises but after 2 years it slowly starts glitching so keep that in mind, it won't work forever. If you have brown skin be careful with the blue light, it will make pigmentation worse or create new ones. For the same reason use the green light after the red ones.

LumiPro 750
Hazel Fitzpatrick
Totally shocked by results buying the Lumipro 750 is the best decision I ever made.

I can't express just how happy I am with the results so far. I've only been using the Lumipro 750 for 3 weeks now and it's amazing. I have primary lymphedema and have had extra fluid and swelling that I've been trying to get under control with for years and within a week there were visible results. Its like I dissolved from the inside. Fibrosis around my joints has become more soft and pliable which has helped with chronic muscle and nerve pain in my neck, arms and hands. Honestly I'm totally shocked by the results and buying the panel is the best decision I ever made.


This is awesome and working as needed.

LumiRed 1000
Reenu Muthu
Excellent Product

I would 10/10 recommend if you are interested in the following:

Having better skin
Reduced muscle soreness
More energy

I use this Product every morning while I meditate. Worth every cent.

LumiRed Range
Marie Fagan

Good product love so far

LumiRed 1000
Sofus Grundsoe
All good

Very good communication. Everything when smooth. Thanks from Denmark

LumiRed Range
Valerie Moore

Very good so far.

Lumired 500

I use it nearly every day. 10 mins on back and 10 on face and upper torso. I think it may help me sleep better. I do(definitely) feel relaxed after it. In fact it makes me a bit tired for a while. Sometimes I think the lamp helps my pains in my face......sinus things, and also the pains I get in my body. I get these from being tense I think, in general I have these pains most of the time. That's really why I wanted the lamp. I would like to see if the light therapy will help my mood over time. So maybe I could write another review later when I'm using the lamp a bit longer 😃😃

LumiPro Range
Sharon C
Love my LumiredPro 500

I have only been using this panel about 2 weeks on different areas and I am enjoying it. I purchased this panel after lots of research as I am healing an autoimmune issue and I am very pleased with it.
There is a door hanger system supplied which is super if you have no wall space but I have it permanently hung on a wall and so easy to move up and down, can be used standing or sitting.
The service was amazing, the assistance and advice I was given was top class. I would very much recommend this device and this company. They get 5 stars from me!

Helping me recover from Long Covid

After 3 weeks using the LumiRed Mini I'm very happy with my progress. It has decreased my fibromyalgia and inflammation. I also use it to improve lymph flow and drainage. Overall my energy levels have improved as well. Alongside a healthy diet, I find this a great tool to boost healing.

LumiRed Mini
Jason McCarthy
LumiRed Mini is really good

The LumiRed mini came by DPD the following day. They sent me a text so I didn't have to wait in all day, great.
The device came in a nice bag. It's good quality and easy to use. The built-in timer swithes the device off, a nice feature. The light it emits is soothing and warm.
I am considering a half body unit as I enjoy it so much.
Thank you LumiRed.

Life saver

After spending thousands on treatments for chronic back pain the lumired 500 20min twice a day has made a dramatic improvement to my life. No longer worry about pain.

LumiRed Range
Bre O'Connell
LumiRed 500 for back and hip pain(2)

In addition to the review for mum, I'd like to add that as of 20th Sep I will be using the LumiRed 500 twice daily as I fractured my shoulder yesterday. I will give a review after two weeks.

Game changer

I have uneven skin tone and after just one week of the green light, I can see improvement in my cheeks and dark under eye. Cannot be without this now. I use the mask after applying retinal and apply thick moisturizer after the mask.

LumiRed Mini
Esther O Hanlon
Really happy

Works great.

LumiPro Range
Assumpta Barry
Great service

Order arrived v promptly

LumiRed Range
Martin Page


LumiPro Range
Chistina Hoofdmann

excellent A+++

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