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LumiPro 1500
Frances Bradshaw
Such a blessing 1500 pro lumired.

I suffer from autoimmune disease Sjogrens and recently found out I have ILD due to Sjogrens, which I put down to my asthma at first, pains in my chest breathing and pains in my back, difficulty breathing , coughing uncontrollable, with in a few days of using my machine I have improved so much , can't recommend it enough.

LumiPro Max 2400

I've been using the LumiPro Max 2400 for a while now, and it's amazing. All our family use it. This is a really large red light device covers the whole body, so I get more benefits in one session. For the size of the device it is great value . It's definitely worth it for anyone serious about red light therapy.

LumiPro 500

I've been using the Lumipro 500 red light device and it's a really good quality product. It's easy to use and I can see a difference in my skin and feel less muscle pain. It's a great choice for anyone new to red light therapy.


The PEMF mat has been a fantastic addition to my daily wellness routine. Its targeted electromagnetic pulses have notably helped in reducing my everyday stress and enhancing my overall energy levels. The mat's quality and ease of use are impressive, making my relaxation sessions both effective and enjoyable.

LumiPro 1500
Niamh Deasy
LumiPro 1500

I've been using the LumiPro 1500 red light device for a few weeks, and I'm impressed with the results. It's simple to operate, feels sturdy, and the red light therapy has noticeably improved my skin and reduced my muscle soreness. It's a great investment for anyone looking into red light therapy

Sauna Blanket

I recently purchased a sauna blanket and it has been a game-changer for my wellness routine. From the first use, I noticed how effectively it mimics the experience of a traditional sauna, providing deep, penetrating heat that leaves me feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. The convenience of having a sauna experience at home is unmatched. The blanket heats up quickly and maintains a consistent temperature, which I can easily adjust to my comfort. It's also incredibly easy to set up and store, making it perfect for small spaces. After each session, I feel a noticeable reduction in muscle tension and an overall sense of wellbeing. It's also been great for my skin, leaving it feeling detoxified and refreshed. I highly recommend this sauna blanket to anyone looking for a convenient and effective way to unwind and detoxify at home

LumiRed Mini
Rex Balsarin
Seems good so far.

That is my first thought when I've handled the LumiRed Mini: it's made of some metal alloy (the handle is magnetic but not the head), not too light nor too heavy, and it has been machined by a CNC (I'm in that field as well): the quality of the surface just struck me as pretty well done.

The complete kit is composed of:
- LumiRed Mini
- x2 18650 batteries (only one is used when operating the Mini)
- battery charger
- protective eye glasses
- small fiber cloth for the glasses
- manual
- wrist strap (pretty useful in case it slips from your hand for whatever reason)

After 5 minutes of continuous use it turns off by itself to prevent overheating (the head does heat up, not scolding hot, but MIGHT be uncomfortable for some; the heat dissipates quite rapidly after a minute, better two minutes).

I've bought it mainly for my mother for certain age related issues (joints), and so far there has been several overall improvements.

I had for almost two months a kind of lumpy feeling on my throat that hasn't fully gone away after the seasonal flu. Whenever I've tried clearing my throat it was still there. I was a little skeptic in trying the Mini, but did anyway. So while listening to a video on YouTube, I've pointed and held at close distance, almost touching the skin, the Mini on my throat for 5 mins as that is it's limit before shutting down; waited for it to cool down, then repeated the procedure for a total of three times, as suggested in the manual.
I've cleared my throat... and I didn't feel the lump anymore! Surprised? MORE than that!! Granted, I did only one session (5 mins times three) and the manual did recommend two or more sessions (depending on the pain level) and my throat is still not as before the seasonal flu, but not feeling that lump just shocked me!! Will see if it will totally go away or not.

I came across the LumiRed products by chance; instinctively I liked the fact that it's been entirely made in Ireland. Never been there nor do I know much about that island, aside from certain stereotypes of Irish being more warm, friendly and other fuzzy good feel stuff. :) However, the extra kit I PERSONALLY like about the product reflects part of these stereotypes (again, personal opinion): the wrist strap. They have considered the possibility of it slipping from the grip for a variety of reasons, possibly including the idea that staying quite still for 5 mins (like what I did for my throat) in one position may be tiring, which can lead to inadvertently releasing your grip and badly damaging the Mini once it miserably dropped on the floor. It's a responsible touch, and TO ME it shows they take caring and responsible decisions for their products.

LumiRed 500
Debbie Dancey
Great product, great service

I've been so happy with the red light panel that I ordered one for a family member for Christmas. He's been wanting one since he started using mine. It gives great relief for back problems and other aches and pains. Thanks too for the great service; my order was delivered in record time. Thank you for being so reliable!


This is a gift for someone who has lower back pain so hoping they will find it helps.


Good value, very sturdy construction, excellent responsive customer service. Arrived in 1 week to Portugal.

LumiRed 300
Nicole McGarrigle

I'm beyond impressed with this device. I'm currently suffering from TSW and this device is giving me hope and healing. Rory's customer service was also top knotch, even knocked a couple of pounds off, so that I wouldn't incur custom charges.
Thank you so much for such a positive experience.

LumiRed 300
Great help

I had a spinal fusion some years ago and now have arthritis in that area resulting in shoulder and neck pain. I use this panel and it definitely helps. Only downside is that I haven't it suspended from door and have it flat which isn't the most ideal way for my neck.

Infrared PEMF Mat Max

Regarding my experience with the Infrared PEMF Mat Max.
My first impression is that it was larger and heavier than I anticipated. I found that the materials and quality of the build were very good. I found the experience of using the mat to be very effective in reducing my muscle and joint pains. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to improve their health condition.

LumiRed Mini
Great little gadget

I have osteoarthritis in my fingers and use this to help ease the pain. I like that it is small and compact and easy to take around with me in its nice little case. I also use on my lip lines and maybe it might help as infrared light helps with wrinkles!!!!

Acute pain relief

I find the red light belt great in relieving pain and restoring health for my sacro-iliac joint problem. And the service with Lumi Red is prompt with delivery remarkably fast which is what you need when you're in pain.

LumiRed Mini
Angela Clarke

I bought to see if it would help with pains in hands. Happy with the results. I plan on purchasing a full body panel.

LumiRed Mini
Martin L
Helping Nails.

I've had a troublesome nail infection for the last number of months and my LimRed Mini seems to be helping it improve in the time that I have had it. Looking forward to continuing to see results.


The best thing about the LUMIPRO MAX 1500 is the size as it can cover a large area of your body.

The hanging system makes it easy to hang and lower or higher it. This is especially handy if multiple people are using it for different parts of their body.
The LUMIPRO MAX 1500 is very easy to program for your own needs and the display is easy to use and read.
I like to use it first thing in the morning. It is a nice way to wake up and energise myself for the day to come.

Faulty Connection

I ordered a Red Light Therapy Belt and it arrived the next day. I found the connector port on the belt to be faulty. Sent an email. Rory replied straight away and was very apologetic. I received a Replacement belt the next day. Thanks Rory

Red Light Therapy Belt

I have been using the lumired red light therapy belt on my abdomen for fertility purposes prior to my IVF cycle. My scans have shown a good increase in the number of eggs produced and research shows that it helps egg quality too. It also really helps with cramps. I am very happy with my purchase.

LumiPro Max Range
Big and feature rich panel

I got the LumiPro Max 1500 a few days ago and I am very happy with my decision.

Device is really big and well built and control on the side is also very user friendly.
I really enjoy the sessions with it and generally fell very well the last few days. For more long-term benefits it is too early but I am looking forward to it.

Maybe the device is a bit heavier than expected - so there is a good reason those stands are offered and I will get one ^^

What I would like to highlight is the very fast and friendly support from Rory. Thanks!

Aduro 7+1 LED Face Mask
Great, it works but...

The mask definitely delivers what it promises but after 2 years it slowly starts glitching so keep that in mind, it won't work forever. If you have brown skin be careful with the blue light, it will make pigmentation worse or create new ones. For the same reason use the green light after the red ones.

LumiPro 750
Hazel Fitzpatrick
Totally shocked by results buying the Lumipro 750 is the best decision I ever made.

I can't express just how happy I am with the results so far. I've only been using the Lumipro 750 for 3 weeks now and it's amazing. I have primary lymphedema and have had extra fluid and swelling that I've been trying to get under control with for years and within a week there were visible results. Its like I dissolved from the inside. Fibrosis around my joints has become more soft and pliable which has helped with chronic muscle and nerve pain in my neck, arms and hands. Honestly I'm totally shocked by the results and buying the panel is the best decision I ever made.

LumiPro Range

This is awesome and working as needed.

LumiRed 1000
Reenu Muthu
Excellent Product

I would 10/10 recommend if you are interested in the following:

Having better skin
Reduced muscle soreness
More energy

I use this Product every morning while I meditate. Worth every cent.

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