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Lumileds bundle offerings are a great way to go big and save even bigger!

With a variety of amazing combinations to choose from, our bundles provide our customers with the option to pair up their favourite LumiRed products, at a discounted rate!

Whether you’re looking for a combination of overall and focused relief, or possibly a compact Red Light Therapy travel kit, we have a bundle perfect for your needs!


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The service was sterling quality; very quick to reply and very accommodating, so much so that I mentioned I forgot to enclose my first purchase discount code after the transaction had gone through and they gave me a refund on the value of the discount! Now, how many places would do that? The equipment was good quality and even though it is early days yet, I feel that it has helped my dog who has osteoarthritis as well as my own joints.


First class service, I ordered the body panel and received it 1 day later. This is only one of the reasons I was happy to purchase from an Irish supplier, back up , if I need it will also be local. I have heard from others that purchased from the US or the UK having extremely long delays with delivery and incurring high customs fees, not for me!

Linda Cantrell

I purchased the mini red light therapy light recently. Already it is alleviating a long term Achilles issue resulting in pain free, and more flexible running. Having access to Red Light Therapy at home as well as in the clinic is proving to be of great benefit to my running and recovery.

Alan McKernan 

Great customer support, very quick delivery the next day! I have bought the face mask so a bit early to give reviews on results but I'm confident this is a great selection as after much research this was the only company I could find that had a medical grade and FDA approved,


I have been using the lamp every day for two months and already noticed improvements. I have joint swelling and pain in my hands due to arthritis and the lamp is helping with both. I am also using it to improve circulation in my legs, which has also improved since I started using the lamp.


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